Giselle and Kevin

The Waterside, located in North Bergen, New Jersey was transformed into a Moroccan lounge for Giselle's bridal shower.

From the moment guests stepped into the room, the vibrant colors and Moroccan decorations put the guests in a mood ready to party.

Each table had a beautiful gold lantern surrounded by colorful flowers as their center pieces. Behind each chair hung vibrant hip scarves with cold coins that are used for belly dancing. Coaches and pillows were added to complete the space giving a lounging feel to the catering hall.


The guests were able to try traditional Moroccan tea, have their hands painted by henna artists or try some hookahs at various spots throughout the room as they wait for the future bride to arrive.

When Giselle arrived escorted by Kevin, she was surprised and amazed to see her family and friends there ready to celebrate with her Moroccan style.  Gayza and her mom planned the perfect party for Giselle!


After lunch, there was a belly dancer who performed and give the guests & Giselle some free belly dancing lessons.  


Giselle and her guests spent the afternoon dancing, talking, and enjoying each others company.We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we loved being there to capture the party for Giselle.