Meet the Photographers - Todd & Cecilia

As the visionaries for TLGreen Photography, we create experiences and capture your memories. Photography brought us together seventeen years ago, and thousands of photographs later, we are happily married with a nine-year old son. Today, our love for this art has become a family business that allows us to be a part of unforgettable milestones in people’s lives.

We love the variety of shooting all kinds of life’s events and through our lenses, telling the story of your celebration or portrait session. When we are not shooting, we scout locations that will be the backdrops to your photographs: landscapes, castles, streets, and architecture that will enhance your images.

Much More Than Just a Photo Session

TLGreen Photography goes beyond taking a photograph and creates a memorable experience. We want your day to be personal and distinct. Our desire is to capture those sentimental moments such as a couple’s first kiss after saying ‘I do’ or a young lady’s big entrance to her Sweet 16 birthday party.

We’ve Handled a Wide Variety of Events

Whether it’s a Quinceañera or Sweet 16 celebration, a couple’s wedding or any special event in your family’s life, you can rest assured that we will catch those periods of laughter, surprise and love on camera for you to treasure forever.

Creating a Wonderful Experience for Our Clients

Your confidence in our ability to make your dreams a reality ignites our creativity. It’s important for us to find a style that fits your needs and captures those genuine moments of emotion. Our photography is a fusion of traditional and photojournalistic styles. We want to tell your story through candid shots that document the essence of your day.

We look forward to capturing the intimacy of your special occasion through our lens. Thank you for considering us to help you create an extraordinary day with memories that last a lifetime.


Todd and Cecilia Green