My Sports Diary

Being a photographer is something that I have come to love. I cherish all the moments that we at TL Green Photography are allowed to be part of.

 Its amazing how being chosen to capture events lead up to things that you could have never imagine.

When I first began shooting, I had no idea what kind of commitment it took to be the best. I did not know where to even begin! Over the years, I have met some SUPER great people that have helped me become the photographer that I am. Without these people, I don’t know where I would be right now.

Today, I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to shoot two ladies professional sports teams…The New York Liberty and the Sky Blue FC Soccer Club. I do not directly work for these teams, but am lucky enough to  get a season credential each year to shoot all home games.

I started shooting soccer in the strangest way. I replied to an add on Craigslist that was looking for soccer referees. Speaking with the Dave, I told him that I was interested in shooting pictures. I told him that I would shoot with no fee to him. If people were interested, they could purchase them online. Well I sold ZERO!!

I was not upset at all but looked at it as a learning process and went back to look at what I could do better the next time around. Dave and I became friends after a while and that’s when things changed. Dave introduced me to Oral. Oral used to play pro soccer and was a coach at a local girls academy. He invited me to come out and shoot the games If I would like to. I took the opportunity to “hone” my skills at shooting sports.  I even volunteered to do a few events for the school free of charge.

While my friendship with Oral started to grow, he introduced me to a friend who worked in media relations for Sky Blue. He invited me down to shoot a few games and it was all over. I don’t get down to shoot as many games as I did previously, but I still love the thrill of the game.

So while shooing soccer one game, I met Denise. She was there shooting soccer too. We had struck up a conversation about the game and had fun shooting. She asked me if shooting sports was my passion….I said no, but I loved to shoot sports!

She then asked me if I had ever shot basketball before and I told her no. She said” are you interested in shooting basketball”? Well of course I said yes. Little did I know she was talking about the New York Liberty!

The first game was a doozy!! I had never been so nervous before sitting on the floor in front of thousands of people….that rush!! Denise is the founder of The  Women’s Sports and Entertainment Network.  Based online, this is where my pictures are posted. No Sports magazines yet, no wire services either.

I am happy doing what I do with sports. This has not taken away from what myself and my wife Cecilia has created. We are Event Photographers and do a variety of things in our studio or out on location.

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